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Living the life you deserve – it’s easier than you think!

The truth is, life is easy and we make it hard. By burying our talents, passions and integrity, we create obstacles for ourselves. By failing to reach out for support, we sabotage ourselves. And by surrounding ourselves with negativity, we lose sight of our most precious gifts: the life that we have been given to live, and the dreams that make living it joyful and exciting!

The good news is, by re-discovering your priorities, your passions, your deepest beliefs, and your needs, you can reclaim the life you were mean to live. You’ll find new energy as your life starts to “click.” Chere’s passion is to empower you to create a life that “clicks” – to become one of the lucky people that radiate extraordinary health, purpose, and well-being, so that you can truly savor your life.

Chere has opened my eyes up to what my life can really be. I am now focused on my unique values -- as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and individual. I feel more energized, motivated, productive, confident, and full of zest!


A Message from
Chere Bork, MS RDN

Sometimes I felt like she understood me better than myself. Chere has a natural gift for coaching. She is so smart about people and life! Her enthusiasm, support and insight make the change process positive and successful.

Lisa L.

Types of Coaching

Individual Happiness Coaching

Are you craving a life with abundant energy, a life of health, passion and purpose?  I can show you where you are giving all your energy, time and attention to and how to shift it so you live the life you want and be ridiculously happy. 

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Wellness Coaching

The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of health, vitality and fitness. Let me help you align your life with your wellness goals and make the shift to a new life with ease.  The next thing you know, you will have the health you always wanted.

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Dietitian Coaching

I have a special place for dietitians.  I understand their caring nature, big heart, and drive to give 110%!  I also know how hard life can wear on you and pull you down from all the demands. I can help you live the life you crave – a life that challenges and energizes you leaving you time for your family. 

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Complimentary Coaching Session

I offer a complimentary 30 minute tele-coaching session which gives you an opportunity to:

  • Understand my coaching style and approach
  • Feel the power of coaching and see if you are “ready” to take your life to the next level
  • Receive one tip, tool, or strategy to start making your life easier today! Guaranteed!!
  • Ask questions regarding the coaching process, fees, and scheduling, etc.

To prepare for your no charge, 30 minute complimentary coaching session do the following:

Contact Chere about your complimentary session today!

I felt like a huge weight was lifted when I got off the phone with you. I was feeling fearful, scared and insecure to now WOW!! I have a lot to offer. I always leave our sessions feeing empowered and confident and ready to go out there and make a difference. I CAN do this!!!

Cerina S.

Coaching Resources

Print Assesment®

Want to discover what truly motivates you? The Print® Assessment can do just that. I use it to work with clients on creating the best environments to support them and help them grow.

The PRINT® survey, the tool to identify one’s Unconscious Motivators® is
short (takes 10 minutes) followed by two easy to digest two page reports.
PRINT® is designed for the busy person.

Your Print® tells you:

  • How you view the world; why you do what you do; and why you react the way you do
  • What motivates you and what can drive you absolutely crazy
  • How you process information
  • What you like to do and what you like to avoid
  • What makes you productive and what makes you unproductive
  • What your strengths are and possible weaknesses
  • Why some things seem easy in life and other things seem hard
  • A thumbprint of your personality through a series of questions

The Print® assessment determines your ‘Print’ which helps describe your personality. It has been called the tool that describes your “DNA of your personality.”

It is a great tool for my clients to understand their past decisions and behaviors to creating their future best life.

The Print® assessment is a fascinating journey into your personality. You not only learn how you tend to behave, but also what subconscious beliefs are driving your behavior.

J. Kansas

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